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Raised by his Armenian parents and moving to the Netherlands at the young age of 13, Dutch / Armenian Full Crate was exposed to different cultures from the beginning and knows how to work for his success.

Over the last years Full Crate has been a major force in the uprising of underground music, developing his production, writing and live show level in the process.

The multi-talented Full Crate has released a string of songs that proved him to always be ahead of the curve. With his roots in Hip Hop culture, Full Crate has a firm spot on the forefront of forward thinking electronic music from RnB to Dancehall. His contagious rhythms and tracks connect Hip Hop and RnB with electronic music, gaining traction with his production and remixes for Syd (The Internet), Jojo, Shakka, Beyonce and others.

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Publishing: Cloud 9 Music